World's first zkBitcoin Layer 2 chain Revolutionizing investment protocols in the Bitcoin ecosystem

InvestFi is at the forefront of DeFi innovation, crafting the world's first zkBitcoin Layer 2 chain that natively incorporates yield farming, borrowing, and lending protocols. This seamless integration with Bitcoin's blockchain through zero-knowledge proofs ensures privacy, efficiency, and accessibility, marking a new era for investment strategies on the most established cryptocurrency network. Join InvestFi and navigate the next wave of financial technology where tradition meets revolution.

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InvestFI's Infichain

L2 Blockchain

Infichain, InvestFi's upcoming Bitcoin Layer 2 network, is meticulously engineered to optimize DeFi operations and applications on the Bitcoin network, ensuring enhanced efficiency and scalability.

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Step into InvestFi, where your digital assets unlock a new realm of financial possibilities. From innovative borrowing strategies to lucrative yield farming, we're pioneering a seamless blend of Bitcoin and DeFi to shape the future of investment.
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About us

InvestFi is at the forefront of lending protocols in the Bitcoin ecosystem, introducing the world's first zkBitcoin Layer 2 chain, reshaping investment paradigms. By harnessing advanced lending mechanisms, offering a diverse range of collateral options, and facilitating seamless cross-chain connectivity, InvestFi provides a comprehensive suite of innovative features and solutions. Tailored to cater to a variety of assets, including BTC, BRC-20, and ERC-404 tokens, InvestFi is revolutionizing the landscape of financial opportunities within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Pioneer in Inscription Supported Lending: Leading the industry as the first lending protocol to support inscriptions, revolutionizing the lending landscape within the cryptocurrency sphere.

Innovator in Native Bitcoin Assets Lending: Spearheading as the premier lending protocol for native Bitcoin assets, providing unparalleled opportunities for users within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Trailblazer in Multi-chain, Cross-chain Interactions: Breaking new ground as the inaugural platform to enable multi-chain and cross-chain interactions, facilitating seamless asset movement across diverse blockchain networks.

Cutting-edge Lending and Borrowing Mechanisms: Utilizing advanced mechanisms to drive lending and borrowing operations, ensuring efficiency and maximizing value for all participants.

Wide-ranging Collateral Options: Offering a diverse array of collateral options, empowering borrowers with flexibility and choice to secure their loans.

Support for Various Assets: Embracing a wide spectrum of assets including BRC20, BRC721, BRC420, SRC20, ERC404, and beyond, catering to the diverse needs of the cryptocurrency market.

InvestFi Zero-Knowledge Architecture (ZK)

InvestFi is Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs is a pivotal element in its blockchain architecture, serving as a critical mechanism for ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of the platform.

Your Multichain Gateway

InvestFi connects popular networks to bring you the ultimate BRC20 experience.

InvestFi Ecosystem

InvestFi ecosystem, along with its partners and integrations, is rapidly expanding and includes a diverse range of projects that are driving our growth.


A Detailed Overview

How InvestFi Works

Dive into InvestFi, where we seamlessly merge the pioneering spirit of Bitcoin with the limitless possibilities of DeFi. Here's a snapshot of how you can leverage our platform to amplify your financial journey


Embark with Ease

Start by depositing your digital treasures - be it Bitcoin, BRC-20 tokens, or ordinals. Your journey with InvestFi is shielded, making your assets not only safe but also potent seeds for future growth.


Cultivate Your Assets

Enter the realm of yield farming where your assets bear fruit. Through strategic liquidity provision, watch as your portfolio blossoms, yielding a harvest fit for the digital age investor.


Empower Your Financial Strategy

Need cash without letting go of your assets? Borrow against your deposits at competitive rates. InvestFi's borrowing landscape is dynamic, ensuring you get the best terms based on real-time market pulse.


Navigate with Confidence

With InvestFi, you're in the captain's seat. Our liquidation guardrails and self-settling loan options provide a safety net, allowing you to navigate the volatile seas of the market with confidence.


Shape the Future

Your $INVF tokens are more than assets; they're your vote in the evolving narrative of InvestFi. Engage in governance, influence decisions, and be an integral part of our journey forward.


Unlock Exclusive Realms

Holding $INVF tokens opens doors to exclusive areas of the platform, from early access to new features to special investment opportunities that are not available to everyone.


User-Friendly Interface

Experience simplicity and sophistication with InvestFi's user interface. Designed for intuitive navigation and seamless transactions, our platform ensures managing your digital assets is effortless and efficient.

Whether you're investing, borrowing, or exploring, everything you need is just a click away in an environment that's both secure and customizable. Welcome to the future of digital finance, tailored for you.

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InvestFI Features

InvestFi is designed to revolutionize the way you interact with your digital assets, merging the reliability of Bitcoin with the dynamic potential of decentralized finance (DeFi). Here's a closer look at how our platform empowers users through its array of features:

card-elementDeposit and Earn

Begin your InvestFi journey by depositing Bitcoin, BRC-20 tokens, or ordinals into your account. Our platform offers a secure vault for your digital assets, paving the way for earning opportunities through yield farming and staking. Your assets aren’t just stored; they're actively working for you.

card-elementYield Farming

Dive into yield farming where your deposited assets help you earn more. InvestFi’s smart contracts automatically allocate your assets to different liquidity pools based on the strategy you choose. Whether you prefer high-risk, high-reward pools or more stable returns, our platform is designed to meet diverse investor profiles.

card-elementFlexible Borrowing

Need liquidity but don’t want to sell your assets? InvestFi’s borrowing feature allows you to take out loans against your deposited cryptocurrencies. With competitive interest rates and transparent terms, access the funds you need without parting with your investments.

card-elementDynamic Borrowing Rates

Interest rates on loans dynamically adjust in response to market conditions, ensuring fairness and efficiency. This system guarantees that borrowers benefit from lower rates during periods of high liquidity, while lenders are rewarded adequately during times of high demand.

card-elementLiquidation Protection

InvestFi takes a proactive approach to protect your assets. If the market turns volatile and your collateral value dips below a safe threshold, our platform initiates a transparent and fair liquidation process to mitigate losses. This system ensures the stability of the platform and protects the interests of all parties involved.

card-elementSelf-Settling Loans

Innovate your financial management with self-settling loans. Set conditions for your loans to automatically repay themselves when certain criteria are met, such as asset price targets or profit margins. This feature offers peace of mind and simplifies loan management.

card-elementGovernance and Community Involvement

As a $INVF token holder, you're more than a user – you're a decision-maker. Participate in governance by voting on platform upgrades, new features, and policy changes. Your voice directly shapes the InvestFi ecosystem, ensuring it evolves in alignment with community interests.

card-elementAccess to Exclusive Services

Holding $INVF tokens unlocks exclusive platform services and features, offering a VIP experience. Enjoy early access to new tools, special borrowing terms, and unique investment opportunities available only to token holders.

card-elementPriority Access to Token Sales and Launches

Elevate your investment strategy with InvestFi by leveraging the power of $INVF tokens to gain priority access to token sales and exclusive project launches. As a valued member of our community, holding $INVF tokens not only signifies your stake in the future of finance but also positions you at the front line of investment opportunities

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Market Size

The cryptocurrency market is a $4.67 BILLION a year industry. Expected to GROW BY 12.5% year till 2030.



InvestFI's tokenomics are engineered to balance supply, incentivize participation, and sustain the platform's growth, ensuring a stable and rewarding ecosystem for traders and liquidity providers alike.

Public Sale and Initial Liquidity

30% (300,000,000 $INVF)

Funds raised from the public sale will be used to provide initial liquidity on exchanges and support platform development. A portion of these tokens will also be allocated to the DxSale launch and subsequent listings.

Community Rewards and Yield Farming

20% (200,000,000 $INVF)

Dedicated to rewarding the community through yield farming incentives, staking rewards, and other community engagement programs. This allocation supports active participation and long-term platform growth.

Development and Future Features

15% (150,000,000 $INVF)

Reserved for ongoing platform development, including new features, upgrades, and the integration of additional blockchain technologies. This ensures InvestFi remains at the forefront of digital finance innovation.

Strategic Partnerships and Ecosystem Expansion

10% (100,000,000 $INVF)

Allocated for forging strategic partnerships, collaborations with other projects, and expansion of the InvestFi ecosystem. This includes support for BRC-20 and ordinal-based initiatives.

Team and Advisors

10% (100,000,000 $INVF)

Allocated to the founding team, advisors, and early contributors, vested over a 4-year period with a 1-year cliff. This ensures alignment with the platform's long-term success.

Marketing and Community Building

10% (100,000,000 $INVF)

Funds dedicated to marketing campaigns, community building, and user acquisition efforts. This is crucial for raising awareness, increasing adoption, and building a strong InvestFi community.

Reserve Fund

5% (50,000,000 $INVF)

A reserve fund to address unforeseen challenges and opportunities. This fund provides financial flexibility to respond to market changes, regulatory requirements, and other needs as they arise.

Our Roadmap

BRCGate's roadmap charts a future of innovation and expansion, with milestones focused on enhancing platform features, integrating cutting-edge blockchain technology, and forging strategic partnerships to redefine the decentralized finance landscape.

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At the heart of InvestFi lies our vibrant community. We believe in the power of collective wisdom and shared success. By fostering a community-centric environment, we ensure that every voice is heard, and every member plays a role in shaping our future. Together, we're not just building a platform; we're creating a movement towards a more inclusive and empowering digital finance world. Join us, and let's make history together.